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Sorry for the lack of reviews and for the lack of comment moderation lately. I've been and remain unfortunately, badly ill and cannot for the moment tell when I'll be back in the swing of things. Since basically everyone I know on the internet has access to this one way or another, I'm putting it
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Comic review: The Dead

Imagine if the afterlife were neither a dichotomy of heaven and hell nor just another life, but was instead a giant house with room after room that seem impossible attached to one another - many filled with monsters, some willed with fellow post-mortals and only one mythical one offering a real hope at salvation.

That's The Dead, a comic from Broken Icon. It's a really compelling idea, and the art really sets a perfect mood. Right from the very beginning, the story hooked its talons into me and dragged me along with it. In the end, this became one of those books that I hate not being able to give 5 stars, because I REALLY enjoyed it.

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Manga review: Ghost Hunt

High school student Mai is just enjoying a fun afternoon trading ghost stories with her friends when a transfer student interrupts, expressing interest in hearing the stories as well. Her friends are taken with this handsome stranger, but Mai tells herself she's less than impressed.

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Book review: The Secret Rooms

Nonfiction generally isn't my thing. I read it occasionally when interest warrants, but mostly, I stick to my sci-fi and fantasy. But when this book crossed my path first, years ago, I had to put it on a TBR pile to consider for later. And last month, when I realized my library had it, it was finally time to give it a try.

This is the story of the Duke of Rutland, who died in an entirely preventable way, cloistered in a few, damp rooms in the back of the servants quarters of his home instead of in the well-appointed rooms set aside for his use as one of the elite of the nation. The author of this book set out to write a war book but ended up discovering a mystery left behind in those rooms, and her focus quite rightly moved.

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Comic review: Step Aside, Pops

I wish I had the words to describe what Kate Beaton's humor is like. It's sort of absurd, highly unexpected and laced with an undertone of trying to teach you things (I know, right?) But trying to actually encapsulate why it's so hilarious to someone who hasn't read it before is an impossible task. You pretty much have to grab one of your favorite strips and hold it out to them and be like "This. This is why it's awesome."

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Novel Review: Awakening

I was very kindly given a copy of this book from Full Fathom Five through NetGalley in return for an honest review - Many thanks!

Sometimes, you get used to a genre and it's conventions. It's comfortable. You pick the book up and you know you can count on certain things. And the sometimes you pick up a book in that genre, expecting those typical conventions, and you get something wholly and wonderfully surprising.

And that's what I got here.

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Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the awesome The Broke and The Bookish blog, and this week’s theme is the top 10 bookish things I either need to quit or have quit (Well, 8. I cane up dry on the last two :( ).

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The Secret History of Fantasy is a 19-story collection of what I'm given to understand is unusual or different fantasy, along with a couple nonfiction essays about the genre as a whole (and of course, the forward by Peter Beagle). Taken as a whole, it was a varied and sometimes fascinating read, though as in any short story collection, there were a few that just flat didn't work for me.

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Baltimore Comic Con recap!

So, last weekend was Baltimore Comic Con! I was there helping my sister at her booth. Had a pretty good time, spent money I probably shouldn't have and in general enjoyed soaking in all the geekiness. :)

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I could make this the shortest review in the history of me writing book reviews. If you liked the Phoenix Wright serial manga (not the books of short comics), you'll like this. If you like Miles and Gumshoe from the games, you'll like this. If you just want mystery manga, it's still entertaining, but the wacky characters and situations might be a little trying for you.

So, on to a longer way of saying it. :)

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